Poker and COVID-19 | Poker and the Coronavirus

I’ll be transparent with this one: I didn’t take COVID-19 seriously at first.

I know I’m not the only one. Just like most of you, I got my “lulz” out with all the jokes and memes. “This thing will eventually blow over,” I said to myself.

As a hoops head, the severity of the Coronavirus didn’t hit me until they canceled the NCAA Tournament and postponed the NBA season. As I write this, I just saw a notification flash across my phone screen that the NBA is considering canceling the rest of the season. I cry.

Now, four weeks later, here I am, writing from captivity as we attempt the impossible: to launch a poker clothing and merch company.

felt u crew and covid-19: forever linked

March 9th. Thanks to rapper Canibus, I’ll always remember it as the day The Notorious B.I.G died. “The greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th.”

Who knows: when we blow all the way up, I might call in a favor from Canibus. “The greatest poker gear company ever was born on March 9th.”

The timing was admittedly weird… and most definitely on a whiskey whim. However, just THREE WEEKS later, here we are with an actual brand!

However, I’m not numb to the times. Whether you’re a casual player, a grinder, or even a poker celebrity, things are tough right now. Our “offices” are effectively closed until further notice. Along with casinos being shut down throughout the entire country, the 51st Annual World Series probably won’t run unless something drastic changes.

That doesn’t mean we have to stop grinding, though, particularly if you live in states where online poker is legal. If you’re not as lucky, while the legality issues of playing online poker can get murky (there are loopholes out there), there are plenty of paid training sites you can utilize, along with an endless library of poker videos on YouTube.

While apps like Zynga Poker and Pokerstars are free, try to play like you would in a real-life poker situation. Don’t fall into pick up bad habits playing against bad rec players. That said, I always think the more hands you can see, the better.

#stayhome #playpoker

It’s more than just a slogan on a COVID-19 poker t-shirt. It’s serious. Stay home. Be safe. Be productive during this quarantine, and take the steps to improving your game.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our goal is to continue working hard to provide the best products and customer service possible for poker players. Along with COVID-19 poker merch, Felt U Crew Poker has plenty of poker clothing for men and women to help you feel and look your best at the table… IRL or virtual.

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